About Us


Zaytoun believes there is no need to restrict ourselves to one type of cuisine or a set of spices when food has no need nor concept of borders.


We take our namesake, the olive tree, to heart by channelling the rich cultures of the world into meals we believe symbolize the glory of the modern-day. Our roots are in Afghan cuisine, but our branches have extended into all types of modern food, from ingredients to cooking practices. Experienced chefs with an eye for perfection curate the highest quality and locally sourced ingredients whose origins are around the globe. The dishes that the fruit of our labour pay tribute to the roots of the best traditions around the globe. Embracing the era of globalization, we see no limits to the ways in which we can enhance the excellence of our food through innovation.

Our staff take inspiration from modern visionaries to act as advocates for real conversation around their passion for cuisine. Zaytoun takes the essence of Afghan heritage and insight into modern meals to spearhead a new generation of Afghan restaurants and global citizenship.